Wood-Fired Pellet Grills

Gateway Design & Home Center is proud to carry a range of wood-fired pellet grills from Green Mountain Grills.

These top-of-the-line grills are smart, versatile, and affordable! Replacing traditional charcoal with pellets also offers the advantage of wood-fired taste and easy clean-up. We’ve listed the models we carry below. Visit our Loveland location today to see them for yourself and choose the best new grill for you!

Davy Crockett — with WiFi

Daniel Boone — with or without WiFi

Jim Bowie — with or without WiFi

Why Would My Grill Need WiFi?

Green Mountain Grills’ smart, WiFi-enabled products let you monitor and control your grill from anywhere. Use your home WiFi to check in or do it remotely while you’re out running errands using server mode. The app will report the temperature of your food and the grill, so you can check on dinner without ever lifting the lid. You can even set timers or receive alerts! Upgrade your next backyard barbecue and make grilling easier than ever.

How It Works

A digital controller monitors the internal temperature of your grill and regulates the flow of pellets to maintain your desired temperature. A motor feeds the pellets into the Firebox, where they burn and circulate great tasting hardwood smoke throughout the grill. You can change your desired temperature by hand or through the app. Every grill come with a positive pressure hopper fan to prevent burn-back, and some models are also equipped with “Turbo” mode to help your grill heat faster in cold weather. Call Gateway Design & Home for more information or stop into our Loveland store for a closer look!

Grill Pellets

Green Mountain Grills’ pellets are made of clean, kiln-dried sawdust created for great taste and convenience. You get the easy heat of charcoal and great wood-fired flavor without any additives or clouds of ash and smoke. Call Gateway Design & Home today or visit our Loveland location to learn about all the varieties we have in store!