kids on carpet

Gateway Design and Home is Loveland’s Top Rated Local® flooring company, offering a plethora of flooring, including carpet installation. In this blog post, we’ll review the many advantages to carpet and why you should consider carpet for your next type of flooring. Contact us today for a free flooring quote!

Why Choose Carpets Over Wood Flooring

Carpeting Is Soft

This is probably the number one reason to choose carpets over hardwood flooring. Carpets are soft and plush and are great if you stand a lot for your job or if you have a sore back, legs, or feet. Standing on hardwood floors can exacerbate any lower back problems or joint problems you may have.

If you have babies, carpet is the best. It’s great for babies to learn to crawl on because they don’t slip like they do on hardwood flooring, and it’s soft for babies to sit on. If your baby falls while learning to walk, carpet is much better to fall on than hardwood, which is sure to yield a loud cry from your baby.

If you like getting down on the floor with your dogs, wrestling with your kids, or just playing at your kids’ level, then carpet is the way to go.

Carpeting is also a good choice if you want your dogs to stay on the floor. Otherwise, they will prefer your furniture. This is especially true if you have older dogs who need a soft place to rest their weary bones. Furthermore, hardwood flooring can be hard for older dogs to get up off from because they slip on the hardwood. When your dog jumps down from the furniture, it’s much easier on their old bones and joints (as well as younger bones and joints) to jump onto carpet than onto hardwood flooring.

If you’re going for comfort, then carpet is the obvious choice.

Carpeting Is Quiet

Carpeting muffles the feet of all who walk on it. You won’t have to listen to the clickety-clack of your dog’s claws like you do with hardwood flooring. Also, you can avoid the echo and reverberation of footsteps on hardwood, which makes carpet a great solution if you have opposite schedules than others in your home and if you just want to cut down on noise pollution.

Carpeting Is Insulating

Carpeting is great for helping to reduce energy costs. It holds heat in the winter and is the preferred choice for flooring in the winter months. After all, no one likes getting up to a cold floor.

Carpeting Is Economical

Carpeting is cheaper than hardwood flooring sometimes up to half as much. Sure, you can argue that hardwood flooring lasts twice as long, so hardwood flooring will pay for itself in the long run. However, when you take into account all of the other detractions of hardwood flooring — the high-maintenance care, the fact it can be easily scratched and warped, and other factors carpeting definitely wins out in the short term and maybe in the long term.

How Gateway Design and Home in Loveland Can Help

Gateway Design and Home in Loveland offers the best flooring options for your home and business. With more than 30 years in the flooring business, we can help you decide which type of flooring is right for you based on your lifestyle and preferences. We offer one-on-one consultations, free flooring estimates, and expert flooring installations, all at a great affordable price. When you visit our flooring showroom in Loveland, you can see all of our amazing flooring options, from tile flooring to wood flooring and carpet. This should help you to envision the flooring in your home in order to determine your needs.

Whether you are installing brand new flooring for new construction homes or you just need flooring replacement services, Gateway Design and Home in Loveland can help. We pride ourselves on the best customer service. Contact us today to get started!