Stains in Carpet

It’s inevitable that your carpet will have stains. If you have children or pets or both, then the stains will probably occur even more quickly. With that in mind, here are some things to consider as you look at the stains in your carpet. Since professional carpet cleaners know the tricks for removing tough stains, you should try to schedule an annual cleaning to keep your carpet looking its best. Regular vacuuming and spot treatments can also help to keep your carpet in good condition. Despite regular cleaning, however, every carpet reaches the point where replacement is the best option. If you are trying to cover up stubborn stains with furniture and area rugs, then it’s probably time to shop for new carpet.

Wear and Tear

Matted carpet, tears, and significant wear on the main walkways are all major signs that your carpet needs to be replaced. Just as with stains, you may be trying to hide some of these signs with area rugs and furniture. While small rips and tears can be fixed on your own or with the help of a carpet professional, larger rips and tears are a good sign that it’s time to go carpet shopping.

Smells and Odors

There are a number of reasons that carpets can smell, including pets, lack of regular cleaning, cigarette smoke, and more. If, after a thorough cleaning, the smell hasn’t noticeably diminished or completely disappeared, then whatever is causing the odor has likely penetrated deep into the carpet fibers or the carpet pad. Depending on the reason for the smell, usually the most cost efficient option is to replace the carpet.

Condition of Carpet Pad

The carpet pad is the layer of material that provides support to the carpet, makes it comfortable to walk on, buffers sounds, and can even improve insulation. Unfortunately, the carpet pad also absorbs numerous spills. While professional carpet cleaning will leave you with clean carpets, it generally doesn’t clean the carpet pad. When the condition of your carpet pad deteriorates, you might notice unevenness and wrinkles in the appearance of the carpet, or hear a crinkling sound when you walk across the floor. Once the carpet pad is worn out, it’s definitely time to replace your carpet.

Outdated Carpet

Does your living room sport shag carpeting from the 1970s? Perhaps you still have the same carpet that was in the home when you bought it 20 years ago. No matter how well you or previous owners have taken care of the carpet, it can’t last forever. Typically, carpets should be replaced every 10 years. At around 10 years, carpet tends to show obvious signs of wear on the major walkways, and the carpet fibers start to lose their texture.

Your Flooring Store in Loveland

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