You love your pets, but they aren’t always the best thing for your carpet. Pets can track in dirt or tear up the carpet with their claws, despite your best efforts to keep them from doing so. Even some of the most well-behaved pets can cause damage to your carpet over time. When you first buy new carpet, you want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few tips on how to care for your carpeting when you have pets!

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Consider Stain-Resistant Carpeting

If you are thinking about upgrading the current carpeting or flooring in your home, consider investing in stain-resistant carpeting. While the type of carpeting is often on the more costly side, the benefits outweigh the cost. Most carpeting is made using nylon fibers. When stain-resistant carpeting is made, the manufacturer adds a special coating to the caret that prevents certain liquids from penetrating into the fibers of the carpet.

That being said, stain-resistant carpeting can’t protect your carpet from all types of stains, but it can protect your carpet from food, mud, pet urine, and more! Because this type of carpeting makes it difficult for liquids and other substances to stain your carpet, you won’t have to worry about replacing gross, stained carpet for many years!

Vacuum Regularly

Stains on your carpet are often unpredictable, but if you’re trying to simply keep up the appearance of your carpet overall, there are a few different things you can do. First and foremost, it’s important to vacuum your carpet regularly. Just because you can’t see dirt, hair, or crumbs in your carpet doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It’s no secret that most pets shed, and left untreated, carpets can become heavy with pet fur and dander, along with any dirt and crumbs that may have been left behind by you or your family. We recommend trying to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week. Regularly vacuuming the carpets can help keep the pet hair and dander under control, which can help your carpet stay fresh and clean. Too much pet hair and dander in your carpets can not only diminish the life of your flooring, but it can also get trapped in the fibers and leave your carpet smelling like your pet.

Trim Your Pet’s Claws

As you can imagine, claws can have a huge impact on the well-being of your carpeting. If your pet has long claws, even walking or running across the carpet can cause snags or tears. It’s a good idea to consider trimming your pet’s claws on a regular basis, especially if you recently installed new carpeting. While the idea of keeping your pet’s claws trimmed may sound simple, we understand that the task itself may be a bit of a hassle. If trimming your pet’s claws are completely out of the question, there are a few different options.

For dog owners, consider asking your groomer to trim your dog’s claws when you take them to get groomed. Claw trims should be included in the service, but if it’s not, you can always ask. For cat owners, trimming their claws isn’t always that easy. Cats groom themselves, so it’s not very often, if at all, that you take your cat to a groomer. While some cats don’t mind having their claws trimmed, others hate it. Consider taking your cat to your vet to see if they can help trim your feline’s claws, or ask a friend or family member if they can give you a hand. If neither of those options work, consider placing scratching posts around your home so your cats have an alternative place to file down their claws, or use soft claws on your cat’s nails to help protect your furniture and your floors.

Wipe Dirt Off Paws at the Door

For animals that go outside, mud and dirt are huge concerns for your carpeting. If you’re not paying attention, your pet may accidentally track in mud on a raining day or even water or dirt. Even before you invest in new carpeting, consider making it a habit to wipe off your pet’s paws at the door after they’ve been outside. If your pet goes outside to use the bathroom or go for a walk, make sure you wipe off their paws as soon as they come back inside. You can even keep a towel near the door so you don’t forget. By making this a habit before you even install your new carpeting, it can make it easier to keep your new flooring looking its best.

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