If it’s time for you to install new flooring in your home, and you’re not sure which option is the best, then consider carpeting. From warmth and comfort to durability and more, there are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when you select carpet for your home. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at seven advantages you gain from carpeting.

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1. Adds Beauty and Style

Carpet adds to the decor in your home through the use of different colors, patterns, and pile heights. It can add subtle textures and designs that will seamlessly pull your whole room together. From luxurious and elegant to casual and homey, you can create entirely different looks in the same room just by changing the style of the carpet.

2. Provides Comfort

There’s no denying the luxurious feeling of soft carpet on your bare feet. In addition to providing amazing comfort, carpet also adds literal warmth to any room through thermal insulation, which helps retain warm air longer and conserve energy. Whether you want to sit on the floor, lie down to stretch, or play a board game, you’re sure to feel more comfortable with carpet.

3. Improves Air Quality

For a long time, people debated whether carpet aggravated or alleviated allergies. In fact, many people with upper respiratory concerns would pull up all of the carpet in their homes and replace it with hard surface flooring. The good news is that recent studies have consistently shown that carpet is actually more beneficial than hard surface floors for those who have breathing issues. Carpet actually acts as a passive filter, which means that it traps dust, pollen, and other particles from the breathing zone.

4. Softens Slips and Falls

No matter how careful you or your family members are, slips and falls are bound to happen. When you install carpet flooring, however, it can not only reduce the number of slips and falls, but it can also minimize injuries when they do occur. If you have young children or older adults in your home, it’s a good idea to consider installing carpet to maximize safety.

5. Reduces Noise

While hardwood and tile are beautiful flooring options, they actually amplify noises in the room. Carpet helps to reduce noise from a variety of sources, including televisions, speaker phones, computers, sound systems, and even conversations. Additionally, carpet can act as a sound barrier between floors by blocking the transmission of sound to rooms below. If you live in a home with multiple stories, it’s a good idea to consider installing carpeting on the upper floors.

6. Benefits the Environment

Carpet is a sustainable choice due to the fact that the carpet industry follows the 3 Rs — reduce, reuse, recycle. When carpet reaches the end of its life, rather than being taken to the landfill, it can be recycled to make a variety of other products, including new carpet, roof shingles, railroad ties, and even auto parts.

7. Saves Money

While every flooring option has a range of qualities and price points, carpet is generally less expensive than other flooring options. Many hard surface flooring products require special preparation before they can be installed, and sometimes they also have to meet specific subfloor requirements.

Your Flooring Choice in Loveland

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